Traditional Greek Sweets

Tulubaki, Kantaifaki, Trigonaki, Roxaki, Samali, Saraglaki, Karidopitaki, etc.


Roxaki, Kurkubini, Smirneiko, Vieneziko, Isli, Milopitaki, Puraki, Korne, etc.

Self Portions

Galaktobureko, Gianniotiko, Revani, Baklava, Choco pie, Orange pie, Lemon pie, etc.

Individual Packages

Flogera, Coconut, Rox with compound chocolate coating, Isli (walnut filling), etc.

Phyllo Dough – Kantaifi

Traditional Phyllo dough, Viritou (extra thin), Cocoa, Yellow, Pastry Puff, etc

Shells - Tarts

Cornet, Tart, Babas, Vol au vent, Mille feuille, Saragli shell, Poniro, Trigono, etc.

Packs 400-500gr

Saraglaki, Trigonaki, Kantaifaki, Tulubaki, etc.

Mythical Packs

Baklava, Kantaifi, Kourabies, etc.

Delight Packs

Baklava Delight, Baklava Rolls, Baklava Saragli, Display, Stand, etc.

Company Profile

“Poursalidis Ath. & Sons S.A” with discreet title “Siropiasta Sakis”, were founded in 1981 with objective of making general pastry products with a distinct inclination towards traditional Greek sweets, known as “Siropiasta” (Syrup based sweets).

Sales Network

Our products are distributed throughout Greece and exported to many European and Balkan countries, like Germany, United Kingdom, Spain, The Netherlands, Switzerland, Italy, Albania, Bulgaria, as also to the USA.



Our philosophy is to offer quality products, which are produced under excellent conditions and tested at every stage of the production procedure. Our activities happen under a certified Food Safety Management System, HACCP (En ISO 22000:2005).

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